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The Four Glorious Goals of Life

When our digestion is good, our sleep is deep and our emotions and sexuality are being channeled properly, we have more energy to engage in our passions and pursuits in life—in Ayurveda, our foremost pursuits are known as the four goals of life. According to the Vedas (the spiritual root texts of Ayurveda), your soul … Continue reading

Lineage of Love

Elevate your spirit and return to love in all areas of your life. The Lineage of Love is THE place to explore the teachings of Ayurveda, Tantra, Yoga and Love-Based Mysticism with ease, continuity and total commitment to your spiritual path. Sign up now! This April – join the 200+ tribe to cleanse body and … Continue reading

A Tantric View of a Woman’s Energy

Within both Tantra and Ayurveda, a woman’s energy (prana) is highly revered. When conserved and multiplied, sexual energy is seen as a powerful means to attaining physical rejuvenation and higher spiritual awakening. Within this worldview, you get to reach God while becoming sexier and healthier. Cool, huh? In ancient times, these practices were kept highly … Continue reading

Jade Eggs {ADULT}

A wonderful physical practice for building pleasure-power is the ancient practice of working with jade eggs. An Eastern technique for keeping the muscles of the vagina and pelvis in general strong and flexible, jade eggs also increase the circulation of fluids in the vagina, help with incontinence, increase libido, and prime your lady parts for … Continue reading

Your Mind on Sex

It may not be obvious at first, but your vagina and your womb are not your most erotic sex organs. Your most erotic sex organ is your mind. The ancients understood that, especially for women, the realm of the mind was crucial in heightening the sensual experience. In order to super-charge your sex life, you’ve … Continue reading

Sacred Sensual Sleep Chamber

Whether you are coupled or single, straight or gay, young or old, setting the scene for sensuality is another key way we boost sexual energy flow. There is nothing that kills the mood faster than a television or a buzzing mini-fridge in your lovemaking, sleep chamber. “Hey, honey, there’s a commercial on. Wanna make out?” … Continue reading

My Own Sexy Evolution

Like many women in American culture, I grew up seeing fad diets, boob jobs, eyebrow waxes, pedicures, and bleach-blonde highlights. I also come from a long family lineage of beauty-seeking, charm-schooling, Southern-belle women. My mama was a high-school beauty queen. One of my cousins is a famous hair and makeup artist who was so beautiful … Continue reading

Conscious Sex

In Sanskrit, there is a term for the evocative pleasure and love that arises between romantic partners: sringara rasa. Think of the first or best time you were in love. During this moment, all you could think of was that person. They could do no wrong. You may have even felt that the objection of … Continue reading

Let Your Five Senses Take You There

Sometimes our mechanical, technological, scheduled world is simply not sexy. There is nothing mysterious about having to pencil in sexual encounters with your husband into an overbooked day planner (although its better than not connecting at all). Moreover, while high-speed Internet allows us nearly uninterrupted connectivity, studies show that the more we use the Internet, … Continue reading