Posted in January 2016

Conscious Sex

In Sanskrit, there is a term for the evocative pleasure and love that arises between romantic partners: sringara rasa. Think of the first or best time you were in love. During this moment, all you could think of was that person. They could do no wrong. You may have even felt that the objection of … Continue reading

Let Your Five Senses Take You There

Sometimes our mechanical, technological, scheduled world is simply not sexy. There is nothing mysterious about having to pencil in sexual encounters with your husband into an overbooked day planner (although its better than not connecting at all). Moreover, while high-speed Internet allows us nearly uninterrupted connectivity, studies show that the more we use the Internet, … Continue reading

Mouth Care – Part 2 – Oil Pulling

Oil pulling involves holding or swishing pure unprocessed sesame or coconut oil in the mouth for around 15–20 minutes. Oil pulling is actually a fairly modern Ayurvedic practice for detoxing the teeth, gums, tongue and throat as the pure oils act to “pull” out disease-causing critters. Scientific research shows that lipids in the oil pull … Continue reading

Mouth Care – Part 1

Ayurveda has seen the link between oral health and overall immunity for thousands of years. Our mouths are a veritable breeding ground of bacteria and other harmful critters. Without proper daily mouth care, toxins can build up in our mouth and lead to other more serious health issues. Our immune system is constantly working to keep … Continue reading

How Did I Get Toxic Sludge Buildup?

Life is fast and oftentimes we are stressed, hungry, and reaching for whatever food is in sight just so we can make it to the end of the day. Bad food choices, negative thinking, stress, and a fast-paced lifestyle lead to digestive imbalances. With time, micro-imbalances lead to macro- imbalances and you are left with … Continue reading

Healing Nectar or Toxic Bomb?

Ayurveda says that food is prana (energy), and that all beings are in a constant search for more. Your own prana is created by the life you take from food. Plants, animals, and minerals make a sacrifice for you, and hopefully you are using them to become more self-aware and more loving. In this way, … Continue reading

Discovering Your Dharma?

A technique for aligning with your personal life purpose is to ask yourself, “If I had limitless finances and time, what would I be doing right now?” If you are living your dharma, you will answer, “Exactly what I am doing.” If not, it may be time to reassess your life purpose. Ayurvedic lifestyle tools … Continue reading

Spices are Medicine

Your wild-woman world will shift when you become a goddess of the spice. Spices are plant medicines that enhance digestion, help us assimilate what we eat, and remove toxic buildup. The harder a food is to digest, the more we need the help of spices. Even if the healthiest of foods are not spiced properly, … Continue reading

How to Work with a Mantra

We look at the practice of using a mantra as working from the gross to the more subtle realms. First, begin by saying your mantra out loud. With time, sometimes as little as a few minutes, you may be able to move into saying your mantra quietly, like a whisper. Then, after a few minutes, … Continue reading

Boosting our Pleasure Power—Kama Shakti

What is pleasure power? Pleasure power has everything to do with cultivating your ability to feel and experience pleasure in daily life—in and out of the bedroom. It’s about getting quiet and content enough to experience the immense beauty that is always present when our senses are tuned in. There are many ways to build … Continue reading