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Curb Unhealthy Cravings

When I feel the chill of winter near, I start to dream of warm, foamy chocolate; hot toddies; and long, luscious sleep. And this is a good thing. Naturally, the fall and early winter season season beg for more heaviness and warmth in both the foods we eat and in our lifestyle routines. The downside of this season is that it is also a time for overindulgence and strong cravings, especially when we couple the cold weather with the stressors of the holiday rush. Continue reading

Finding Light in Winter’s Darkness

The holiday season brings an abundance of words like happy and merry. From an Ayurvedic perspective, its actually kind of a tough time of year. The drying, cooling aspect of vata dominates. Vata is the energy of movement and change. Its the force that dries up the leaves, flower petals and rivers. Its also the force that dries out our skin, our hair, and what feels like our bones. Here are some light-infusing, warmth-bringing holiday habits to ease into the season. Continue reading

Feel Your Best this Season

Fall season is a time where we may feel a little more vulnerable, health-wise. With the change in temperatures, vata imbalances may includes things like flu, exhaustion, chills, constipation, fear, cracking joints, arthritic pain, anxiety, insomnia, and seasonal sadness due to the lack of sunlight. How you care for yourself during the autumn will determine your body’s ability to maintain health through the fall and into winter. Continue reading

Ayurveda Made Simple – Podcast with Where is My Guru

Learn more about Ayurveda and simple ways to integrate it into your life in this podcast with Where is My Guru.  It’s easier than you think! Listen to this super fun 35 minute interview now! Love this podcast? Sign up for my newsletter and receive a free gift Subscribe to Where is My Guru on iTunes.

Cool Summer’s Fire

The downside of summer is that it is also ripe for imbalances related to burn-out. While you may love the sun, make sure to cool summer’s spice with these simple Ayurvedic heat-reducing practices. Continue reading