Jade Eggs {ADULT}


A wonderful physical practice for building pleasure-power is the ancient practice of working with jade eggs. An Eastern technique for keeping the muscles of the vagina and pelvis in general strong and flexible, jade eggs also increase the circulation of fluids in the vagina, help with incontinence, increase libido, and prime your lady parts for deeper sexual pleasure. Plus, isn’t just the idea of putting an egg-shaped piece of jade into your sacred lotus enough to turn you on?

Working with jade eggs also offers us tremendous potential for bringing prana into our sexual center, strengthening a woman’s energetic ability to feel sealed in, preventing her sexual energy from leaking out and downward. I have found this work to be incredibly powerful for building self-esteem and working to release many forms of trauma held in this sacred area of a woman’s body.

There are a multitude of sizes. I suggest buying three to four eggs of different sizes. The smaller the egg, the more work you will have to do to hold it in, so don’t start too

small. When you first buy your egg, make sure to boil it in water for about twenty minutes before using. You can also buy a jade egg with a tiny hole through the middle of it. You can run a string of dental floss through, tying the top end into a knot, to pull the egg out of your body if you are worried about it getting stuck.

Using your egg: There are many exercises you can do with your jade egg. Here is a simple one to get you started.

Lying on your back, bend your knees and place both feet on the floor. Begin by massaging your breasts. You can use a little sesame or coconut oil for added pleasure. This starts to activate hormone secretions throughout the body, making it easier for the egg to slide in. You can also self-stimulate the vagina as well. Then, if you need it, place some all-natural lubricant or sesame oil on the egg for added lubrication. When you feel aroused, bring the egg to the vaginal opening; slowly make circles with the fat end of the egg, massaging the vagina. As the vagina slowly begins to open, slip the egg inside (fat end upward). As you inhale, gently pull the pelvic muscles upward and draw the egg in and up. As you exhale, relax and lightly press the egg downward, toward the opening of your vagina. Repeat.

Try to feel a natural wavelike motion of energy in your body while using the egg. If you can do the waves on your breath, even better. The cervix will be the top part of the wave and the lower lips of the vagina will be the bottom. This is the part where you really strengthen the vagina and begin to have a lot more control over that part of your body. And while it is only a cursory benefit, this exercise makes sex so much more fun. For a male partner, your vaginal walls give him more sensations of massage and wavelike undulation. For you, the potential for longer, more powerful, and even multiple and full-body orgasms is increased.

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