Posted in February 2016

Tejas—The Power That Brings Out Our Light

Tejas (TAY-JUS) is the illuminating light that comes from your inner radiance. It is the healing and subtle energy of Pitta. It is the fuel of transformation, the fiery essence behind all of our thoughts, and the force that brings out our light. In your body, it is the subtlest aspect of your digestion that … Continue reading

Prana—Our Guiding Intelligence

It’s a miracle we have prana (PRAH-NA). Prana is the animating, activating force that gives life to all things. It is the power behind our breath, our thoughts, our nervous system and our emotions. While our physical body handles the mechanics of life, prana is the remarkable force that keeps our blood pumping, our heart … Continue reading

Your Soulful, Subtle Self

One of Ayurveda’s main teachings is that we balance our doshas, so that the subtle forces or energies that support the doshas are flowing intelligently and are empowering. Each of the doshas contain and provide an energy force: prana, tejas, and ojas. Prana is vata’s subtle energy: it is the guiding force behind all of … Continue reading

Aligning with Big Mama

Ayurveda’s view on the science of life is that nothing in this world exists as an isolated entity. We can take things apart as much as we want, but we don’t always find clear-cut answers; or as one friend with a PhD in biology put it, “The more I try to take the physical world … Continue reading

My Own Ayurveda Philosophy Journey

I first heard Ayurveda philosophy from the lips of two master yoga teachers in India—A.G. and his wife Indra Mohan. I was sitting on the floor of their home in south India. A.G. spoke of the Universe being comprised of five essential elements. And I remember thinking, What is this beautiful old man talking about? … Continue reading

Mother Nature? What If I Live in New York?

I know it may seem challenging to think of aligning with the tides of Nature. Many of the women I know live in crowded cities and tight apartments. Or are go-getter mamas trucking their kids around town to endless extracurricular activities, battling busy highways, drinking super- charged double espresso macchiatos. All of us communicate in … Continue reading

Radical Self-Honesty and Awareness

Ayurveda is a philosophy and an approach to wellness that holds self-awareness as the essence and foundation of good health. Its long-revered teachings offer insights so simple yet so profound that you may have a hard time believing how powerful they are. And how do we align ourselves with this cosmic sweetness, according to Ayurveda? … Continue reading

What the Heck Is Ayurveda?

Don’t worry. The first time I tried to say the word Ayurveda, I too had to twist and contort my tongue. The word is pronounced AYE-YOUR-VAY-DA, with the accent on the VAY. The word comes from the combination of ayur, meaning life, and veda, meaning knowledge. So Ayurveda is literally “the knowledge of life,” how … Continue reading