Posted in December 2015

Rasa—The Sap of Life

The word for oil in Sanskrit is sneha. Another translation of the same word is love or affection. You see, the essence of a plant is its oil. Just as the essence of who we are is love. If we keep extracting something down to its purest essence, what remains is its love. When we … Continue reading

Chyawanprash – Medicine you can lick

Legend holds that the great sage Chyawana fell in love with a nubile young woman. Sad that he was an old man, he created this formula, reversed his age, and enjoyed her delights as a young virile stud. I don’t recommend trying to make this epic health-boosting lickable in your own home, as it contains no … Continue reading

The Healthy, Happy, Sexy Fall/Winter Food List

Everyone can eat from the vata-reducing list if it is fall/early winter and they are healthy. You may also choose to eat from this list any time you need warming, grounding, stabilizing, comforting, or wetness in your body. This list can be medicinal for most people who have vata disturbances, like jetlag, gas, belching, dry … Continue reading

Becoming exceptional – bring gasoline and matches

  My commitment this season is to actively remember to be something exceptional.  Something that pulls in the eye like a smoothed turquoise stone on a beach of egg-shell white. Like a promise-in-a-bottle in the mundane water of fish-bowl life. I wanna’ be an exceptional sister. An exceptional teacher. An exceptional friend. An exceptional business creator. An … Continue reading

Manifesting Your Heart’s Longings

You are intimately connected to everything: the abiding spirit of Ayurveda shows us that there is an underlying natural order that holds and sustains all of us. We are made up of this infinite, all-pervading intelligence. When you make the commitment to living in greater harmony within yourself, you augment the harmony for everyone and … Continue reading

Cave of the Heart

Fall and early winter remind us of impermanence and death. The season is windy, emptying, rough and dry. If we are listening, we may feel our mind and body undergoing a shift towards a more inward focus. Like a turtle drawing its head into a protective shell, winter is a time for intuition, stillness and … Continue reading

Goddess, Meet Ghee

There is a love affair happening in my heart and it is covered in ghee. Ghee is butter, slowly boiled so that all the milk solids can be removed, and its great for boosting the metabolic fire. In fact, it is as important to Ayurveda as lubrication is to sex. You can think of ghee … Continue reading