Conscious Sex

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In Sanskrit, there is a term for the evocative pleasure and love that arises between romantic partners: sringara rasa. Think of the first or best time you were in love. During this moment, all you could think of was that person. They could do no wrong. You may have even felt that the objection of your affection was like a god or goddess. Your love and infatuation caused you to see only the best qualities in that person. You felt excited. But with time, that in-love feeling can wane.

The ancient Vedas taught that this love could get deeper and deeper, and in fact last a whole lifetime. Sadly, many times this initial love tends to weaken in people, and old patterns and reactions become the new template from which relationships function. Tantra teaches us how, through devotion, meditation and an awareness of energy, to awaken a maturation of love and sexuality that transcends the initial falling in love.

As the Chakra Sambhara Tantra suggested, “Visualize yourself as an erotic red goddess; symbol of dedication and passion. Three eyes blazing with passion; your tongue is lustful, with the purifying power of your inner fire. You are a naked goddess, with disheveled hair; symbolizing freedom from the bonds of delusion. You are intuition – a reminder that everything must pass. Blazing like fire you express your wisdom essence, in embracing your lover without restraint.”

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