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A Fire in Your Belly

When you have strong prana in your core, you can burn through anything life throws your way. With more kind presence and focus on your navel area, you can begin to unearth your hidden capacities to be stable and solid in the face of a turbulent life. Continue reading

Access Prana and Let Your Light Shine

The ancient yogis understood that we are much more than this beautiful physical vessel. One of these layers is called the prana body. It’s the part of you that is innately intelligent. The yogis fell in love with the prana body because they figured out that it was pretty darn tough to stop or change thoughts, but our energy could be quickly altered through visualization, focused asana, and breath work. Continue reading

Live and Breathe Your Resolutions

Tantric yogis didn’t wait for any special day to fill them with resolution. They lived and breathed resolve. When a desire is yoked to our soul, it’s virtually impossible for it to not be completed. Here are some specific guidelines from the ParaYoga tradition on boosting the likelihood that you will be successful in the fulfillment of your goals. The end result? Happiness. Continue reading