A Tantric View of a Woman’s Energy


Within both Tantra and Ayurveda, a woman’s energy (prana) is highly revered. When conserved and multiplied, sexual energy is seen as a powerful means to attaining physical rejuvenation and higher spiritual awakening. Within this worldview, you get to reach God while becoming sexier and healthier. Cool, huh? In ancient times, these practices were kept highly secret—they were the domain of queens and sacred temple priestesses. Luckily, human consciousness has evolved enough for these practices to now be made available to all of us.

Tantrics saw our organs—particularly our sexual organs—hormonal glands, and the nervous system as the physical leaping-off points for our evolution as human beings. When these organs are super-charged with our awareness, we have more energy, improved immunity, and a natural sense of contentment emerges. Working with sexual energy helps heal and restore these organs, boosting ojas and giving us more fuel for both our worldly ambitions and pleasure, as well as our spiritual goals.

The more loving energy we have flowing freely in these organs and systems, the more energy we have for life, and the sexier we feel. Men deplete this energy through excessive work, overthinking, and ejaculation. But women are different. Our ojas also gets depleted through overthinking and overworking—but not as much through orgasm, particularly not full-body orgasms. Our ojas gets greatly depleted through stress and unprocessed emotions, such as sadness, fear, anger, and shame. Another way our ojas gets depleted is when we menstruate (which is why we should rest then), but loving, full-body orgasms can actually build our energy. Furthermore, there are additional practices that conserve, transform, and transmute sexual energy. In this way, a woman (by herself or with a partner) can turn her raw sexual potency into a life force that can rebuild the power she loses from negative emotions and general life stressors.

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