Your Mind on Sex


It may not be obvious at first, but your vagina and your womb are not your most erotic sex organs. Your most erotic sex organ is your mind. The ancients understood that, especially for women, the realm of the mind was crucial in heightening the sensual experience. In order to super-charge your sex life, you’ve gotta start by training your mind. When we achieve a certain mastery over our thinking mind, we can direct this energy toward our sexual experience.

Here are some tips on improving your sexual experiences, no matter who they are with:

• Cultivate your one-pointed focus—One way of working with this idea is to concentrate on the sensual aspects of sex. When you are making love, tune in to all of your sensations and observations as if they were Divinity itself. For example, watch how your partner moves and shifts in their body. How does she respond to your touch or gaze? What subtle changes happen in his skin color or smells? Look at his subtle gestures. Become a keen observer and responder to your beloved.

• Do an Emotional Detox—There is nothing that kills your sexy factor (and your orgasmic potential) in and out of the bedroom like emotional constipation. Mental and emotional blockage is at the root of our sexual dissatisfaction. Spending a few minutes really letting yourself feel your feelings (without repressing or resisting them) helps emotions unravel and “detox.”

• Invest in Your Self-Esteem—Another sexy killer is insecurity, self-doubt, and the “I’m not pretty (young, skinny, successful, etc.) enough” syndrome. There is a huge fallacy roaming our collective consciousness, exacerbated by porn culture, which says that women must look, move, and act a certain way in sex. Nothing could be further from the truth. Sexiness comes not from dressing a certain way, having a certain grooming habit, or wearing certain lingerie. If you only work to attain a superficial sexuality, based in consumer culture, sexual insecurity will not go away. In fact, this false sexual drama drains and depletes sexual energy.

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