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Feel Your Best this Season

Fall season is a time where we may feel a little more vulnerable, health-wise. With the change in temperatures, vata imbalances may includes things like flu, exhaustion, chills, constipation, fear, cracking joints, arthritic pain, anxiety, insomnia, and seasonal sadness due to the lack of sunlight. How you care for yourself during the autumn will determine your body’s ability to maintain health through the fall and into winter. Continue reading

Cool Summer’s Fire

The downside of summer is that it is also ripe for imbalances related to burn-out. While you may love the sun, make sure to cool summer’s spice with these simple Ayurvedic heat-reducing practices. Continue reading

You Are So Much More Than You Know

Two big questions that most human beings will ponder at some point in their lives: “Who am I?” and “How can I get more of what I want in my life?” One of the things I love about the Tantric yoga tradition is its systematic approach to answering both of these inquiries. Why? Because we are, according to Tantric anatomy, not one, but a composite of five bodies. Read on to learn how to access them to become your most highest, powerful Self. Continue reading

Unblock Your Fear and Let Joy Flow

As a student of Dr. Claudia Welch, I’ve deeply admired her ability to swiftly unpack complicated Tantric philosophy and Ayurvedic medicine into spunky one-liners. One of my favorite is written on a sticky note on my bathroom mirror. “Fear blocks the channels.” Fear, worry, anxiety, stress, spinning—it’s all the same. It’s any emotional state that constricts us, preventing the experience of joy and freedom in our lives. Continue reading

The Importance of Ritual

All spiritual traditions involve some form of inner and/or outer ritual. Why? Because a ritual returns you to what matters. The very act of beginning a ritual puts us in a state of mind where we can break with the routine patterns of the mundane and remember the sacred. Here are a few easy ways to create ritual in your life. Continue reading

How to Fall in Love Yogi Style

Yogis understand that where there is power, there is potential fertile ground for connecting deeper into our heart and soul. But the object of love was way less important than the act of loving itself. Yogis fall in love by realizing that what they love, and the part of themselves that is able to love, is actually the same thing. Read on for 4 tips on how to get more yogi love. Continue reading

Eat Well

That you are what you eat may be standard wisdom, but according to Ayurvedic tradition, the state of your mind, emotions, and your environment while you eat also has direct impact on the way you feel. Here are 10 simple Ayurvedic tips for cultivating calm-body nutritional habits. Continue reading