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Top 5 juicy-boosting tips

Because the ancient teachings of yoga and Ayurveda didn’t view the mind and body as separate entities, they created nutritional and lifestyle techniques that helped boost our satisfaction and joy in both the physical and soul realms. These techniques help us connect — and stay connected — to our core vitality and inner wisdom. Of course, as … Continue reading

Daily Tips for A Fresh All-Natural Face

Golden Rule of Skin: If you wouldn’t eat it, you shouldn’t put it on your body. Trade in your makeup remover for sesame oil (dry skin) or sunflower oil (oily or sensitive skin). Never remove makeup with tissues or toilet paper. Use an all-natural sponge or soft cotton ball. Cleanse and oil your skin regularly. … Continue reading

Sacred Sensual Sleep Chamber

Whether you are coupled or single, straight or gay, young or old, setting the scene for sensuality is another key way we boost sexual energy flow. There is nothing that kills the mood faster than a television or a buzzing mini-fridge in your lovemaking, sleep chamber. “Hey, honey, there’s a commercial on. Wanna make out?” … Continue reading

Routines for Warming Winter’s Inner Hearth

Winter is the time to keep warm, oiled-up, nourished and protected. Sip warm ginger tea throughout the day. Give yourself an oil massage every morning. This will not only help the skin but will also help to ground the air energy that causes anxiety and/or sleeplessness. Sesame oil is an excellent winter oil as it … Continue reading