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Boosting our Pleasure Power—Kama Shakti

What is pleasure power? Pleasure power has everything to do with cultivating your ability to feel and experience pleasure in daily life—in and out of the bedroom. It’s about getting quiet and content enough to experience the immense beauty that is always present when our senses are tuned in. There are many ways to build … Continue reading

Sexual Nutrition

Kama shakti can be translated as “pleasure power.” In order to learn how to build our kama shakti, think about sexual energy and its physical, sensual expression as you would think about food. Just as we want to have the proper amounts and types of foods at specific times of day, we can also think … Continue reading

The Twenty-One-Day Love Cloud

Oftentimes, we can’t hear the voice of our soul, because we just aren’t adept (yet!) at steeping ourselves in the kind of silence that informs our decisions. Then we start exchanging juicy fluids and reaching orgasmic heights with someone, running the risk of entering into a Twenty-one Day Love Cloud. What is a Love Cloud? … Continue reading

Sex and the Three Doshas

We are all a composite of all three doshas. There are times when you may feel like making love like a bunny (vata style) or lounging about like a tigress (kapha style). Remember, you have all of nature’s gifts at your disposal, so don’t put yourself in a sexual doshic box. That said, we do … Continue reading

Meditation: Reclaiming Your Sexual Prana

Have the intention, over the course of a week, to remember and write down all of your sexual partners (any type of sex counts). When you feel that the list is complete, take some time to meditate. When you feel calm, go back through the list, person by person. Visualize them sitting in front of … Continue reading

Beloved Boobies

The breasts hold a prominent role in our female collective psyche, both as sexual pleasure site, as well as a sacred archetype of mothering. How is it, then, that we spend more time nourishing our teeth than our breasts? Ayurveda encourages us to develop a loving relationship, and routine. These routines can help balance hormones, … Continue reading

Fire and Nectar: Creating Balance the Tantric Way

Fire and Nectar: Creating Balance the Tantric Way

Most systems of organizing the universe – including Ayurveda, Tantra, and Traditional Chinese medicine – understand this dyad as the two polarity-forces permeating all of nature. The Tantrics referred to these forces as Agni and Soma, or fire and nectar. Learn how to cultivate these two forces to become more balanced. Continue reading