Sacred Sensual Sleep Chamber


Whether you are coupled or single, straight or gay, young or old, setting the scene for sensuality is another key way we boost sexual energy flow. There is nothing that kills the mood faster than a television or a buzzing mini-fridge in your lovemaking, sleep chamber. “Hey, honey, there’s a commercial on. Wanna make out?” is not the mantra for inspiring cosmic sexual union. Many couples can dramatically shift out of old sexual holding patterns by completely re-vamping their bedroom. And you do not need to have a partner to create a sacred sleep chamber. Single ladies will also find that by creating a sacred sleep chamber, they too can open their sensual energy, freeing it for a new relationship or life project.

In general, these pointers will help you create an atmosphere that begs for sensual ritual:

  • Keep the room light and airy. Open windows as much as the seasons allow.
  • Keep the temperature mild and pleasant. Ayurveda recommends avoiding overheating or over cooling the room. Make sure your body feels comfortable. Sometimes just feeling cold is enough to put out the sensual fire.
  • Get rid of the clutter. There should be nothing in the bedroom that reminds you of work. Move the stacks of papers you need to file at the office out of this sacred sensual sleep chamber. Take the spare change and those piles of mail off the top of your dresser (go do it now, you know you have a stack like that!)
  • Bring in harmony by keeping the room clean, beautifully painted, and orderly.
  • The room should be private.
  • There should be no machines or technologies in the room. Things that buzz kill the buzz.
  • If you need to have an alarm clock, try finding one without bright lights and buzzing or ticking sounds.
  • Decorations can reflect peaceful and romantic scenes.
  • Create some boundaries on your e-Life. Life changes when we make the adult decision to turn off our electronic devices after 9 PM. Seriously, the iPhone may be one sexy technological baby, but your significant other is yummier. Put it down. Please.
  • The room should smell good, but not too heavy. Avoid heavy incenses. Use fresh romantic scents such as ylang ylang, vanilla, jasmine and rose.
  • The bed should be comfortable and not sag in the middle. Choose sheets that are made of natural, organic fibers.

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