Mother Nature? What If I Live in New York?

New York Times Square

I know it may seem challenging to think of aligning with the tides of Nature. Many of the women I know live in crowded cities and tight apartments. Or are go-getter mamas trucking their kids around town to endless extracurricular activities, battling busy highways, drinking super- charged double espresso macchiatos. All of us communicate in real-time on the information super-highway, texting instant messages to distant loved ones. It stands to reason that amid the speed and information overload of life in the modern world, we struggle with creating balance as natural beings, as women. If you are a radiance-seeking, spirit-minded, time-constrained woman, this blog is for you.

I used to be exactly that kind of woman. I lived in the hustle and bustle of the San Francisco Bay Area, and I felt crummy a lot of the time. The only things that really helped me get balanced came from Ayurveda. When I started studying its teachings, I discovered that the women of centuries past were not as disconnected from their innate healing capacities as women of today. They used ancient tools and techniques for self-care and nourishment, and these very same tools can make life in today’s labyrinth of the hectic Western world much easier. Much calmer. Much happier. And most importantly, these tools can lead us to a feeling of deep satisfaction within the complex tapestry of our everyday life.

So, to all of you urban and suburban women reading this, there is hope for us. The beauty of Ayurveda is that it was as relevant to a woman of ancient India (who had plenty of time to lather her nipples in oil steeped in frankincense, chew on fenugreek seeds, and anoint her body in preparation for her lover) as it is to the modern-day lady (who knows she’s doing really well if she can manage to shave her legs for her lover). It is about cultivating the ability to empower yourself to lead a healthy, balanced life that doesn’t sacrifice our natural sensual pleasures.

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