My Own Ayurveda Philosophy Journey


I first heard Ayurveda philosophy from the lips of two master yoga teachers in India—A.G. and his wife Indra Mohan. I was sitting on the floor of their home in south India. A.G. spoke of the Universe being comprised of five essential elements. And I remember thinking, What is this beautiful old man talking about? It seemed “out there.” I honestly wondered if what he was teaching me would ever have an application in my life as a technology- loving, self-professed microwave-using, hamburger-eating, at-times-crass Western woman. But there he sat, so handsome and young looking for an older man! He was healthy. He radiated a glowing kindness. And he was clearly happy. I daresay that his beautiful wife Indra was downright sexy in her sixties!

But the philosophy still felt far-fetched to me at that time. Perhaps the loving knowingness coming from A.G. and Indra Mohan were enough to encourage me to trust in Ayurveda. I started reading books on the topic. I began to meditate more. I applied the oils they suggested to my body. I started breathing in a calmer way. I practiced a slower-moving form of yoga. I ate more warm, cooked foods. I spent more time in nature, and in silence.

Today, Ayurveda feels as real to me as a hug from my sister. It lives in my body, and I am humbled constantly to see these principles alive in Mama Nature. With a little effort on the practical end, you will start to see how these ancient truths can become real for you.

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