Discovering Your Dharma?


A technique for aligning with your personal life purpose is to ask yourself, “If I had limitless finances and time, what would I be doing right now?” If you are living your dharma, you will answer, “Exactly what I am doing.” If not, it may be time to reassess your life purpose. Ayurvedic lifestyle tools help us align with our dharma by bringing the body and mind into balance. Meditation is key, as it allows us to get quiet enough to move beyond the fears and doubts that keep us from moving toward what is most right for us—and for the world.

  • Get a two pieces of paper and pen.
  • Start by contemplating then completing this sentence: “If I had unlimited time and finances, I would ______________.” (For example, “I would be traveling the world taking photos of rare, exotic birds.”)
  • Write down your answer, then take a moment to envision yourself doing exactly what you wrote down.
  • Now write your answer, using the present tense, over and over for five minutes.(“I travel the world taking photos of rare, exotic birds.”) Notice what resistance comes up as you continue, and write these thoughts down on another sheet of paper as they arise (“I would never have the money to be able to do this.” “My mother would think this was a total waste of time.” “I will never get health insurance if I leave my current job.”)
  • Ayurvedic teachings say that there are entities of negativity sitting inside our mind-field, literally pulling us away from the things we love. Your job is to loosen the hold these negative statements have on you, release your belief in them. Take a few moments now to write some phrases that counteract the negativity. (To continue our example, the statement “No one cares about my silly photographs of rare birds” could be counteracted with “My passion for endangered birds translates into my work and is valued financially and artistically.”)



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