I AM the Thing I’m Looking for – A Mantra + Meditation

katie silcox surrender water

Hey ya’ll. I just discovered this sweet recording from the Tantra Immersion I taught this spring at Yoga Tree in San Francisco. I had to share the mantra SO HAM + this meditation with you!

What’s So Ham?

So Ham is often translated as translated as “I am That…” In other words, I am the union of the Individual and the Everything – every time I breathe.

I know, deep stuff.

It is also sometimes translated as the sound of the inhale and exhale – an undeniable fact. I breathe in. I breathe out. I am.

I translate So Ham as, “I am the very thing I keep looking for.”

It is the universal sound of both being and becoming. So is the sound of inhale. Ham is the sound of exhale. As I inhale I hear/am Universal Being; as I exhale I hear myself merging the individual into the Everything, the Goodness, the Highest Power.

I hope you enjoy these sounds and the discover of who you ARE – a perfect golden egg.


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