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Brown Rice with Nettles, Lemon & Pine Nuts

One of my all time favorite dishes. Nettles purify the blood, lemon stimulates digestion and pine nuts are the best for treating the savory-craving. Ingredients: 1 small sweet yellow onion 1/8 tsp rock salt 1/4 tsp mustard seeds (optional) 1/4 tsp coriander seeds 1/4 tsp fresh ground black pepper 1/2 – a whole lemon 2 … Continue reading

A Little Love, a Lot of FIRE

Not long ago, a friend told me that the holidays had sent her on a “downward-cookie-spiral-of shame.” Like many of us, she was having a hard time recovering. There’s a reason that January signals the prime season to begin diets and make resolutions for change: after marathon Yuletide party schedules and over-indulgences (and less exercise … Continue reading

Lineage of Love

Elevate your spirit and return to love in all areas of your life. The Lineage of Love is THE place to explore the teachings of Ayurveda, Tantra, Yoga and Love-Based Mysticism with ease, continuity and total commitment to your spiritual path. Sign up now! This April – join the 200+ tribe to cleanse body and … Continue reading

Unblock Your Fear and Let Joy Flow

As a student of Dr. Claudia Welch, I’ve deeply admired her ability to swiftly unpack complicated Tantric philosophy and Ayurvedic medicine into spunky one-liners. One of my favorite is written on a sticky note on my bathroom mirror. “Fear blocks the channels.” Fear, worry, anxiety, stress, spinning—it’s all the same. It’s any emotional state that … Continue reading

How to get sexy skin and feel like a goddess

Ayurveda says that self-massage is essential for radiant health and youthful glow. Why? Whether you make time for a quick foot massage before bed, or you can get into the routine of a deep 10-20 minute self massage before your shower, massaging with our Ayurvedic, herb-infused oils will better your daily life by ridding you … Continue reading

Spring Beautiful: Inside and Out

Oh, to be beautiful! Beauty is that ephemeral little nymph that has inspired artists and poets, and sold countless products. It may be one of the most common of human experiences to seek out beauty, and this time of year, when the Earth is bursting with its own showcase of beauty, is a natural moment for … Continue reading

The Importance of Ritual

Last month I had the pleasure of visiting my good friend and fellow yoga teacher Chrisandra Fox and her husband, Rob, and their winsome pug, Sigmund, in San Francisco. When I left their humble abode, I felt deeply satisfied. What was it about this experience that made me feel so loved and fulfilled? Well, firstly, … Continue reading

Daily Tips for A Fresh All-Natural Face

Golden Rule of Skin: If you wouldn’t eat it, you shouldn’t put it on your body. Trade in your makeup remover for sesame oil (dry skin) or sunflower oil (oily or sensitive skin). Never remove makeup with tissues or toilet paper. Use an all-natural sponge or soft cotton ball. Cleanse and oil your skin regularly. … Continue reading