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Daily Tips for A Fresh All-Natural Face

Golden Rule of Skin: If you wouldn’t eat it, you shouldn’t put it on your body. Trade in your makeup remover for sesame oil (dry skin) or sunflower oil (oily or sensitive skin). Never remove makeup with tissues or toilet paper. Use an all-natural sponge or soft cotton ball. Cleanse and oil your skin regularly. … Continue reading

Exercise Like an Ayurveda Queen

We all know that exercise has incredible long-term health benefits. It can help you live longer, balance your weight, and boost your immune system. But what about the short term? What can exercise do to increase your happy-factor today? Both modern science and Ayurveda hold exercise as one of the most important of life’s health-boosting, … Continue reading

Why Modern Gals Should Meditate

One of the best ways to gain access to our soul and become truly happy is to practice sitting in silence. While diet and lifestyle changes definitely begin to reshape our energy and improve our wellness, it’s meditation, and begin able to feel or inner sensations, that really alter the deeper patterning in our mind. … Continue reading

Meditation for Grounding and Letting Go

Use this meditation for connecting to the energy of letting go and grounding into Mama Earth. This meditation reduces anxiety, increases our capacity to let go of toxicity, whether it be bad relationships, illness, stress, or emotional baggage. It is highly stabilizing, cooling and calming for the mind and body, and helps boost our sense … Continue reading

How Did I Get Toxic Sludge Buildup?

Life is fast and oftentimes we are stressed, hungry, and reaching for whatever food is in sight just so we can make it to the end of the day. Bad food choices, negative thinking, stress, and a fast-paced lifestyle lead to digestive imbalances. With time, micro-imbalances lead to macro- imbalances and you are left with … Continue reading

My Own Evolution Toward Happy

All of my life I’ve wanted to be happy. And if you have a beating heart, somewhere deep down inside of you, you want the same thing. We all do. If we dig deep enough, we find that everything we do in life springs from a longing to be happy. When I was a child … Continue reading

Recipes for Happy Eyes

Ayurveda is unique in its approach to taking care of one of our most important sense organs. Rather than simply treating the eye itself, Ayurveda believes that the images we take in on the visual plane can affect the health of our eyes. This is why it is important to see beautiful things on a … Continue reading