7-Day Cleanse for Brain & Belly Bliss

I have created this cleanse to be beyond-easy. It is based on my studies of both Ayurveda, as well as the shamanic/scientist teacher, Alberto Villoldo’s work on One Spirit Medicine.

You get to eat food.

And fats.

And even a little meat if you need it.


Basically, its just radically-healthy eating that WILL rewire the brain towards bliss.You can’t move into a bliss brain and a bliss body on trashy food. All ancient love lineages understood the need for periodic cleansing and fasting for spiritual and physical renewal. We simply cant step into bliss spaces of our consciousness when our bodies are toxic.

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Katie Silcox is a nationally-known yoga teacher, New York Times Best Selling author and passionate spiritual mama. More at www.katiesilcox.com

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