Real Deal Plant LOVE for Your Face

FullSizeRenderRecently I was at teaching at Kripalu and had a facial. I couldn’t get over the products being put on my face.  Imagine the essence of tingly pink rose petals, mixed with a white earthen root, mixed with angel tears, mixed with a grandmothers stern love. Yeah, all that all rolled into one. That’s what it felt like she was rubbing on my face. Pure plant love + Grandmother Wisdom.

And so being the little Ayurveda diva that I am, I immediately asked her what it was. It was a company called Shankara.  They make the most perfect face products I’ve ever experienced. The kind that really touch your heart because they are actually made from the plants they claim to be made from. This is not the Ayurveda-inspired stuff you find out at the mall. This is the real deal.

And here’s the thing: 100% of their profits go to global charities. And, Shankara is beeeee-you-tiful. It comes in glass bottles that you wanna’ save forever. I smile whenever I see it on my bathroom counter.

And it’s not cheap. But um, 100% to charity?! And the products last FOREVER. So, seriously, I bought a facial wash 4 months ago and I still have half the bottle left. So, it’s concentrated and lasts, so in a way it’s actually more affordable over time.

Do the world and your face a favor and invest in Shankara for your skin.

This is what I am currently using and LOVING:

Daily Repair Serum Rose – Fine Line Collection

Deep Cleanse Treatment

Cellulite Support Activator

Love love,




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