Aligning with Big Mama


Ayurveda’s view on the science of life is that nothing in this world exists as an isolated entity. We can take things apart as much as we want, but we don’t always find clear-cut answers; or as one friend with a PhD in biology put it, “The more I try to take the physical world apart, the more I am left with the same conclusion: Mother Nature is one sneaky lady.”

That artful little minx, Mother Nature, has done an excellent job at keeping biologists (and physicists and medical doctors, for that matter) in business. She went ahead and connected everything to everything else. The pint of Häagen-Dazs that you spoon into your mouth this evening could affect how you sleep tonight, what you dream, and how you will feel in the morning. The decision to say no to a social event when you really feel like your body needs to get ten hours of sleep can provide your immune system with just enough oomph to ward off the gnarly flu that everyone is complaining about. These smaller decisions create both balances and imbalances in the beautiful universe of your body. And wherever there is imbalance in the system, there is disorder and disease. In other words, whatever rocks the boat, rocks the whole sea.

According to Ayurvedic mythology, this everything-is-connected philosophy and practical science emerged out of a deep conversation with God himself (called Brahma in the myth). One day, some wise seers (rishis) were sitting on top of the Himalayas, looking down at the world from their meditative seats. As they watched the human drama below, they started getting frustrated with the state of things. People had no time to live their bliss, to seek their life’s purpose, or to truly enjoy the fruits of their hard work. Disease was wreaking havoc on their bodies. Their lifestyles were not in harmony with Nature’s rhythms. People couldn’t seem to get along, and mental imbalances were a dime a dozen. The worst part of all was that Mother Earth was getting really out of whack. (Sound familiar?)

Because of this chaos, one of the wise seers approached Brahma, asking what could help people, and he was taught from God directly the secrets of Ayurveda. From this one conversation with God, other great teachers were given Ayurvedic knowledge; they were given secrets on how to use massage, oils, herbs, food, lifestyle, and sex (plus many other tools and techniques) to bring humanity back into balance.

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