Sluggish? Gain some weight? How to survive KAPHA Season

Screen Shot 2016-02-18 at 11.54.52 AMWe are now pretty much officially in Kapha season. The winter is loosening her chill. Its a mix of cold/cool and wet. And unlike the drying influence of Fall/Early winter, late winter brings about the feelings of heaviness, sloth and lack of motivation if we are out of balance. If you feel this way, you may wanna check out some of these great kapha reducing products and techniques for balance.

Signs and Symptoms of Increased Kapha

You are probably experiencing some of the following signs or symptoms when kapha is outta’ whack:

  • excess mucous
  • thick, white tongue coat
  • slow, sticky, sluggish bowel movements
  • high body weight
  • difficulty rising in the morning
  • feeling slow, foggy, dull, lethargic or heavy
  • easily attached or possessive
  • overly sentimental
  • complacent or stubborn
  • tendency for “emotional overeating”

To reduce or pacify kapha, Ayurveda has given us dietary, lifestyle and herbal treatment strategies. Here are a few underlying concepts that these strategies are based on:

  • Stimulation
  • Exercise
  • Lightening
  • Warming
  • Drying

Here are my favorite Kapha-reducers right now:

  1. Kapha digest 
  2. Kapha-reducing body balm!
  3. Triphala extract for detox and kapha reduction – love this stuff!
  4. Kapha-reducing massage oil

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