Meditation for Grounding and Letting Go

Use this meditation for connecting to the energy of letting go and grounding into Mama Earth. This meditation reduces anxiety, increases our capacity to let go of toxicity, whether it be bad relationships, illness, stress, or emotional baggage. It is highly stabilizing, cooling and calming for the mind and body, and helps boost our sense of belonging to the Earth-tribe in which we live.

You can do this meditation sitting down, but I find it helpful to lie down with some support under your spine, such as a folded blanket or a bolster. Sometimes I can feel a deeper connection to the energy of surrender when I can feel the earth below. Try working with this practice for at least 40 days, and for 15-45 minutes daily.

Close your eyes and let your body relax and settle into its connection to the earth. Feel that you are in a nurturing, soothing place, and that you are fully safe to relax and let you. Notice for a few minutes the simple miracle of the breath. The inhale raises the navel center away from you, without you trying, and the exhale lowers the belly back onto you. Again, try not to try. Simply watch the belly as you become more and more relaxed.

Begin to smooth and even out the inhale and exhale. Take a few minutes to get the inhale and exhale as smooth and even as possible. The more relaxed you become, the subtler the breath may become.

Slowly begin to bring your attention into the base of your spine, the root center. As you feel your body inhale, allow your whole pelvic floor to relax, let go and expand. Sense that your inhale can literally expand your cervix and perineum. As you feel your body exhale, engage the pelvic floor muscles upward, gently pulling them in and up toward your belly. As you inhale, completely relax them, but do so as smoothly and slowly as possible. Stay very attuned to the inhale and the relaxing of the pelvic floor in particular. It is in this moment where we surrender and let go, grounding into the earth. As you exhale and engage the muscles, sense that you are drawing in the qualities of stability and rootedness. Do these pulsations slowly 8-10 times.

After the pulsations, relax and let go of all effort. As you inhale draw all of yourself— your feelings, your attention—to the root of your spine. As you exhale, feel all physical and mental toxins leaving the body through the base of the spine, out into the core of the earth, which is fire. That fire can digest anything. Repeat this visualization 10 times.

Now, see and feel, or have the intention to see and feel, a downward-facing dark blue triangle at the base of your spine. See its base at the level of your low belly, hips, and groin. See the tip of the triangle at the base of your spine, pointing downward into the earth. Feel and see energy moving downward as bright and beautiful flashes of lightning. Hear the sound of static electricity as you ground this lightning out of the root of your spine and into the core of the heart. Feel a powerful sense of being grounded and stable. Stay with this part of practice for 5-10 minutes. Notice how seeing and hearing enable the sense of groundedness to increase.

Finally, there may come a moment when you feel such a connection to the earth, as well as your own downward, letting-go capacities, that you can abandon the technique and meditate on this force of surrender. Now would be a good time to begin to chant a mantra into the energetic earth connection you have created (more on mantra in the next section).

To come out of the meditation, simply deepen your breath, offering gratitude for the practice. Slowly begin to move your body and open your eyes to come out of your meditation.

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