Meditation: Reclaiming Your Sexual Prana


Have the intention, over the course of a week, to remember and write down all of your sexual partners (any type of sex counts). When you feel that the list is complete, take some time to meditate. When you feel calm, go back through the list, person by person. Visualize them sitting in front of you. Actively begin to “call back” your own energy. As you inhale see these unseen tubes of light returning to your womb and leaving the body of your past partner. As you exhale, offer back any unseen energetic connection that you may holding with them. As you do this meditation, unprocessed emotion may arise. Simply let the emotions flow as you restore and reclaim your energetic sexual health. End the meditation by placing one hand on your womb and one hand on your heart. Hold compassion for yourself as you sense this reclaiming of your lost sexual energy.

You may need to do this slowly, one person at a time. By no means do you need to process the energy of all sexual partners in one session. Take your time. Observe celibacy while you are doing this process.



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