Silence Cures All


What is our relationship to silence? How much are you investing in the active relationship and participation with your inner light?

Within our heart lives the One we are looking for. She will wait for us for as long as we need. She will wait, with unending compassion and unconditional love, while we search outside ourselves in one of the infinite and always-available portals of a promise never fulfilled.

She will wait for us as long as we need. She will wait forever.

When you are ready, you will turn inside. And there She will be. Where She has always been.

And you will no longer resist Her infinite bliss.

You will no longer hide from Her perfect protection.

You will no longer plug your ears to Her gentle wisdom and wild guidance.

Your tiny self – the one who feels worthless or hurried or worried or alone – will be annihilated in that love. Fast – like a body being blasted by the light of truth. Or slow- like an empty and dry earth-pool filled with golden nectar. Satiated. Forever changed. The gods themselves will wait in long lines to drink from your honey bowl.

And you will be left with nothing but the mantra of thank you, thank you, thank you, playing on repeat in the record-player of your mind.

What are you waiting for?

“Silence cures all.” The Vedas
“Light melts all.” Katie Silcox

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