Meditation on Feeding the Goddess Within

Feeding the Goddess Within: This is a beautiful meditation for anytime you feel rushed, distracted or that you are emotionally eating. Notice how this practice effects your mind, and your digestion.

Prepare for this meditation by choosing your ritual food object. It can be as simple as a tangerine, or as complex as a tiramasu. Bring this food into your meditation space.

Now, close your eyes and gently turn to your breath. Feel your belly relax, your jaw soften. After your mind settles, imagine that inside of your heart exists a radiant little Inner Goddess. You can visualize her as the most beautiful creature you have ever seen. See her clearly in your mind. Sitting in the cave of your heart, she waits in hungry anticipation for what you will feed her.

Imagine what you would offer to her.

In what way would you prepare the food? What foods would you choose to offer this perfect being? What would the table setting look like? Would there be candles or lights? Music playing? How would you present this meal to her? Imagine how she would consume the fare? Would she rush or take her time?

See her in your mind’s eye.

After the meal, does she rush off to her next meeting, or does she rest in your heart, allowing herself time to assimilate what you have so lovingly given to her. Now, take your ritual food object in hand. As you place this object in your mouth, see her in your body. As you taste the food, feel that She is tasting it.

Continue to enjoy your treat as if you were ritually feeding this inner Divine One.

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