Manifesting Your Heart’s Longings


You are intimately connected to everything: the abiding spirit of Ayurveda shows us that there is an underlying natural order that holds and sustains all of us. We are made up of this infinite, all-pervading intelligence. When you make the commitment to living in greater harmony within yourself, you augment the harmony for everyone and everything. You become a walking “answered prayer.” In this way, all of daily life becomes an expression of the fact that life is sacred.

Join me for my workshop in Roanoke, Virginia January 2nd-3rd, 2016 at Uttara Yoga Studio. You will leave with a tool-kit of ancient wisdom techniques that will help you tap into limitlessness. Over these two days we will:

  1. Work with getting rid of the inertia that is keeping you stuck.
  2. Explore and activate the hidden parts of the body that can super-charge manifestation creation and expansion.
  3. Chill out and squeeze out any 2015 residue that needs TO GO.



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