The one thing I did for radical, root-down love

As many of you know, we are in full-swing with the summer love program. Its been amazing to watch our students really open up about the LONGING to love and be loved – MEN and WOMEN.
And the realization that it begins INSIDE – with our own sweet heart.
We all know it. “Yeah, yeah, I gotta be the love Im looking for, blah, blah….”
But its not just thinking about it. Its getting RADICAL about it. Radical comes from the word RADIX – which means ROOT.
How can I get to the root of my own love?
Usually, this means actually being with everything inside of me that doesn’t feel like love – the loneliness, the insecurity, the fear, the sadness, and yes, even the greatness of success or a great relationship. In the words of my teacher, “We can learn much more about ourselves through going into our darkness than we will through only being in the light.”
For me, this also means loving my own self the way I can so easily love everyone else. Its looking at myself as a precious creature, a perfectly flawed bunny. Yep,a bunny.
So, whats the ONE thing that I started doing on this path to radical, root-down self love? Well, first of all I need to say, its going to sound cheesy. Because guess what? The one we are loving is the most scared, little, tiny part of ourself. So, in my experience, she requires alot of lovey-dovey shit.
Every time I felt and feel myself going into anything that feels not loving (um, downward catastrophe spiral?), I put my hand on my heart and I say OUT LOUD (yes, out loud is important). “My darling, I am right here. And I am strong enough to give you whatever you need.” 
Sometimes the love takes different verbal forms. You can give it your own words. But thats the gist. Its evocative. It needs to pull the strings of your heart.
I hope you can have the bravery to put your own hand on your own heart and speak these truths aloud to yourself.
I feel that in this way – we become the love and we prepare the firm foundation to build houses of love for one another.
Oh and P.S., if all else fails, just own your inner Moody Bitch.
Big heart,

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