What the practice is really about

What the practice is really about
3 minutes transcribed from Katie Silcox


A little bit about me for those of you who don’t know – I’ve been studying in a Tantric lineage for a little over a decade now, about a decade with the same teacher – and the lineage is called Sri Vidya. Vidya means science and Sri means beauty, love, the idea that reality and the underlying nature of things is benevolent.

To get a big broad vision of what yoga, Tantra, and definitely Ayurveda is about…the end game is super simple: It’s just you no longer struggle.

Sri Vidya, by the way, is the most complicated, complex, cerebral, sublime philosophy and practice on the planet. So it can get really specific very quickly. In fact, once you get deeper into any yoga philosophy or spiritual practice, things start to get more complicated. So I want you to remember what this is all about – you not struggling. That doesn’t mean that life isn’t painful. There’s a difference.

My teacher says the only difference in an enlightened person and one that’s not – it’s not that an enlightened person doesn’t experience pain, it’s that they no longer resist it. Whatever is coming through in the field of our experience, according to Tantra and Yoga, is the medicine. That there is an underlying thing that is living through our bodies and surrounding us and connecting us to one another that is intelligent and constantly working to teach us the lesson of: Stop Struggling.

And that’s a lot to take in, just that, just what Tantra says.

So, from this idea that we no longer are struggling, that we are no longer identified with suffering, all of the techniques of Yoga and Tantra and Ayurveda and any spiritual practice really, any of them, are tools to get us back to that essential truth. That there is something that is teaching us.


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