a tip for happiness from the pages of Healthy, Happy, Sexy

excerpt from Why Modern Girls Should Meditate in Healthy, Happy, Sexy

I know my story probably isn’t much different from yours. I know many women who claim that yoga saved their lives. But I believe meditation to be our missing link to deeper healing. Plus, science has pretty much confirmed that meditation is a cure-all. Studies show that it has been successful in treating high blood pressure, heart disease, migraine headaches, autoimmune diseases, obsessive thinking, anxiety, depression and hostility. It also has been shown to increase happiness, cause relaxation, augment our ability to pick up on the emotions of others and improve attention and memory. Why would anyone not want to meditate? I want to share a few of the techniques and practices I have learned from my lineage, and my own body’s experience. These mediations were crucial in my own healing journey, and I know that they have the possibility to shape your experience as well.

The first thing to understand is that these meditations work from some core principles within Ayurvedic and yogic understandings. These principles are:

  1. A lot of our misery comes from the unconscious stuff sitting beneath our surface thoughts.
  2. Wherever your focus goes, energy flows.
  3. When you focus your energy, your mind will get more quiet and focused, allowing you to see what is under the surface of your daily thoughts.
  1. When you pull something up from the unconscious, it no longer has as much power over you.
  2. Meditation eventually leads us to deeper and subtler layers of who we are. One of the deepest layers is called the anandamaya kosha—the body of bliss.

For additional information on meditation, I invite you to check out some of my additional resources:


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