“When I relax I feel guilty” – here’s permission to kill off self-defeating mantras that drain vitality

Over and over I hear it – “I can’t relax even if I have time off. I feel guilty, or like I’m missing out.” I totally get this. I too love the zest of a project, a good to-do list, and that delicious satisfaction that comes from GSD (Getting Shit Done).

But here’s the thing – every aspect of our being needs two things:

1. Stimulation

2. Relaxation

This means that its JUST as important to lay around like a decadent kitty cat, as it is to run skipping through your life like a turned-on gazelle. (Okay, no more animal metaphors, I promise). Its when we really let go and get into the deep feeling of calm and relaxation, that our body can heal and repair from the natural stimulation of life. When we allow this natural process (all of Nature’s creation does this), we allow for more power, capacity and health in the future. In other words, the more we relax on the regular, the more we can actually get done in the future. And let me tell you, relaxing actually might feel really weird for you in the beginning. It may feel like you are even more exhausted or ill than before! Stay with it, and these sensations will pass. In fact you may be tired and sick. And so, when you finally let go, the body feels that it has permission to let this stuck illness, exhaustion or emotion rise to the surface. Poor body! It takes so much energy to keep all this stuff suppressed.

And so, here’s a little video love-note from me to you:

Screen Shot 2014-09-30 at 1.06.21 PM

Watch this any time you need reminding that you can STOP and relax and chill your fine self out. This goes for all beings – men, women and tiny bunnies (sorry, I snuck another animal in).

I’m off to lounge.




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