Is it selfish to take a spiritual journey?

Did you happen to see Elizabeth Gilbert’s recent Facebook comment on Why Spiritual Practice is NOT Selfish? Her answer? 
The answer is: No. No, it is not selfish to go on a spiritual journey. For that matter, it is not selfish to go a vision quest, or to embark on therapeutic/psychological self-examination, or to go on a pilgrimage, or to devote yourself to prayer and meditation, or to take any sort of creative or healing or investigative voyage into the self whatsoever. It is your divine and intrinsic right as a human being to discover who you are, and who God is, and what your purpose is, and what your talents are, and where your joy is to be found, and how to ease your own suffering and the suffering of others. (In fact, seriously: What else are you going to spend your life doing, if not, at some point, taking a bit of time to try answering even one of those questions?)”
And so, in the spirit of  the gorgeous E.Gilbert, I want to cordially invite you to take a spiritual journey with me, this coming February, 2014. We will meet in Hawaii. Here are the details. Limited spaces so sign up early!
Screen Shot 2014-08-14 at 8.58.34 PM

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