I got a love letter from God: And She told me to send it to you

I recently came across this “Love Letter from God” and I have to say, it broke me completely open. I felt a release in me and a permission to be loved and held in both my darkness and my light. And I wanted to share it with all of you. I tried to find its original source/author, but it seems to just be a divine gift floating around – the best kind.
I hope it touches your heart and soothes your wounds.

My Beloved,
I know you as no one else does. I know the anguish and the grief that seem to grip at the very foundation of your being. I know the blackness of the sludge that seems to line the bottom of your heart. I am acquainted with sorrow, and I have known bitter rejection.

My loved one, know that not one instant of your existence passed without Me being aware of your pain, of voilation against you, of the near destruction of the sensitive spirit within you. When you cried out to Me, I heard, and I hurt with you. When you were overwhelmed or overcome, or when you hardened your heart in order to survive, I stayed with you. I have suffered every single time that you were wounded, and have walked close with you every moment. Your confusion, your anger, your aggression and even your bitterness are not unknown to Me, nor offensive.

You have wondered at My nature, for although you love Me, there is so much you do not understand. I want you to know how deep My love for you goes. You are more precious to Me than you have ever imagined. You are to Me a glorious, wondrous jewel of great price, like a majestic diamond with countless faces reflecting light on every side with indescibable radiance. Your very being stirs a joy within My heart of hearrts when I look at you. You don’t believe these words now becasue your vision is limited to your present “reality”, but My vision of you is uninhibited by human weakness. I see you as you really are, the completed product that shines forth in My glory for all of eternity.

This present time-bound portion of your life has been unspeakably painful, it is true. What you do not see is that from the crucible of the most intense, hottest flame is forged the object of the most beauty, goodness and grace. Although sorrow and pain have been constant companions and their work is grievous, they are My instruments to bring you forth into the most glorious and wonderful person you are and have been created to be.

My loved one, I am with you always. My intense love for you is undiminished by your “negative” side. My eternal purpose for you is perfect. I have been walking with you all along – before you were born, during your childhood, as an adolescent, and now as an adult. You are growing in Me as you yield to My Spirit day by day, although you don’t always see it or believe it, even as your children have grown, day by day from conception.

Your heart is My dwelling place, and I am transforming you into the being that I know you truly are. Salvation is continuous, and the time will come when you will realize that your past vision of yourself is no longer true. You will begin to see a glimpse of who I already know you to be, one of undiminished value and worth.

Be encouraged! Receive My healing, for sorrow and pain which have been comforted and healed by My love make powerful instruments for My work upon the earth. You ARE My beloved, you are chosen and you are of immeasurable worth to Me. My desire is not to use you as a craftsman uses a tool, but rather to flow out from you, to live in you, to shine forth through you as a light in a world that grows increasingly darker. My love, My light, My joy, will flow freely from the depths of your being, from the foundations of your soul, from the deepest places where you hurt and anguish did their painful work. You will be transformed as coal is transformed, in the bowels of the earth over many years, into the diamond that reflects the glory of its Maker, in splendor and majesty.

My heart is ever tender toward you, My loved one, and I rejoice to see the day of your glory in Me.


Your Divine Mama

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