Recipe for Getting More Core Vitality

Here’s my go-to list for getting more core vitality – essential for being healthier, happier, and a whole lot sexier!

Go organic: Eat foods that are seasonally-aligned, organic and when possible, local.

Cleanse and purify, then rebuild and renew: If you are full of toxic gunk from over-indulging in meat, sugar, drugs, alcohol or processed/fried foods, don’t start eating a ton of ghee and dates. First, take a few days to eat super-simple and clean – mainly whole grains, lentils, vegetables and high-quality fats such as olive oil and avocado.

Stop eating out so much: Ojas lies in the love of home-made meals. By and large, restaurant cooks don’t pour their love into your dish.

Avoid overeating: This depletes the digestive fire.

Get rid of excess stimulation while eating: If you want to build core vitality, no more watching the evening news, or eating lunch in front of your computer at the office.

Sleep “your” hours: You know what your hours are. Some women need seven to feel perky, others thrive on nine.

Oil the body: Use an oil that is appropriate for the season and/or your body constitution. If you have alot of mucous or are extra toxic, start by dry brushing your body for a few days, while eating clean and simple foods. Then, begin to oil up.

Rest: Do deep, restorative yoga, yin yoga and yoga nidra

Love the one you’re with – Any form of real love and devotion boosts our vitality and immune health.


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